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The controlling law in Alabama is found in Chapter 10 of the Code of Alabama, called the Alabama Adoption Code. This code states that a birthmother (and preferably also a birthfather) have to sign a Consent For Adoption. In Alabama, they have five days from the date they sign their consent (or from the date of the birth of the child, whichever comes later) in which they can automatically withdraw their consent if they change their mind for any reason regarding the adoption.  In Alabama, a birthmother can go before the Probate Judge and sign a Prebirth Consent, otherwise it has to be done following the birth of the baby. A birthfather can sign a Consent at anytime. If the birthfather is unknown, Alabama has a Putative Father Registry which protects the rights of the adoptive couple. Should the birthfather ever try to assert his paternity, he is deemed to have implicitly consented to the adoption, if he never signs the Putative Father Registry with the Department of Human Resources.


After the couple receives their baby, they file their Petition For Adoption in the state in which they want the adoption finalized. The judge then issues an Interlocutory Decree, awarding them temporary legal custody of the baby, pending the Final Adoption Hearing, which is usually set in Mobile County three months following the filing of the Petition For Adoption.


Of course, there are numerous other details. For example, in Alabama it is legal to pay for maternity related expenses that the birthmother incurs as a result of her pregnancy. There are also tax credits available to couples who adopt. I hope I have given you enough information to get you started. I also hope that you will get in touch with me when you are at the point of your adoption process where you need legal assistance.


Each state has different laws  in place regarding adoption. This information pertains to adoption law in the state of Alabama